Trans Sulawesi: From South to North 21 Days 20 Nights

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Day 01: Makassar / ARRIVAL

Arrival at Makassar airport, reception and transfer to the hotel. night at the hotel.

Day 02: Makassar – Bira

Road to Bira, located on the western tip of the island, on the way visit shipyards (mainly in Tanaberu) are renowned for providing the best wooden boats in Sulawesi and probably in Indonesia. The carpenters still use techniques ancestral without any construction plan, based solely on the know-how that is transmitted from father to son. The penisi schooners (large cargo ships) can reach more than 30 meters and almost 200 tons. Afternoon relaxation by the sea, visit of traditional Bugis houses where ikat is woven. Hotel night.

Day 03: Bira – Sengkang

Free morning (snorkeling) before heading back to Sengkang, located on the shores of Lake Tempe, paradise and refuge for hundreds of aquatic birds (350km2 in area but barely 5m deep)… On the way visit rubber plantations. Night Hotel not far from the lake (very simple hotel but the best in the region).

Day 04: Sengkang – Rantepao/ Toraja Country

At daybreak departure in a long motorized canoe to discover the riches of Lake Tempe, its winged fauna, dozens of egrets, herons... fly away as our boat makes its way through an amazing plant universe which closes behind us… Meeting with the fishermen who live permanently on the lake on floating bamboo houses, meeting …( in August you can attend the “Maccera Tappareng” festival intended to purify the waters of the lake, On the return visit of silk weaving workshops before taking the road to Rantepao, the capital of the Toraja Country by a splendid mountain road.Arrival at the end of the day, Overnight hotel Toraja Torsina (charming hotel with swimming pool and superb view ).

Day 05 and Day 06: TORAJA COUNTRY

days of discovery of the fascinating TORAJA country, to be organized by the local guide according to the possible ceremonies, in which we will make you participate. The Torajas live in houses in the shape of boats and worship the water buffalo, the only animal capable of transporting the soul of the deceased on the path of their ancestors. They organize grandiose funeral ceremonies which last several days, and their systems of tombs suspended and installed in the cliffs, are famous. Visit the villages of KETE and PALAWA with their traditional family houses called Tongkonan, the cliffs of LEMO with the dolls with the effigies of the dead (Tau Tau), the caves of LONDA, the royal tombs of SUAYA, a short walk to go to Tampangg’alo. Visit of the colorful markets of MAKALE or RANTEPAO (depending on the day), Overnight at the same hotel.


In the morning, continuation of the visits. Then transfer to the village of Lempo then easy hike through bamboo forests and rice fields to the mountain village of Batutumonga. Arrival in the small mountain mountain inn, which has a unique view of the whole valley and the rice terraces. Possibility to take a walk in the village, to the primary school, or a longer walk to Lokomata where the whole village is buried in a giant rock. Dinner and night in the large traditional Toraja house. Shared bathroom with cold water. The conditions are rudimentary but the site is exceptional.


After breakfast taken facing the valley, descend on foot to TIKALA, 2 hours of descent by an easy path (or by minibus by road for those who wish). We will meet the children returning from school, the villagers preparing the market, the craftsmen who make knives…. Then visit Bori (the traditional menhir). Lunch in local restaurant. Afternoon walk in a spouse around Rantepao, late afternoon free (shopping or enjoying the pool).

Day 09: Rantepao – Pendolo

Long drive (about 9 hours) towards the center of the island to Pendolo, located south of Lake Poso (this lake, 323 km2 in area is one of the deepest on the planet - 450m - and its waters are considered to be among the huge purest on the planet, their temperature is almost constant at around 26-30° regardless of the depth.

Day 10: Pendolo – tentena / Lake Poso

Day dedicated to hunting orchids in the forests surrounding the lake .. and with a little luck the possibility of seeing two of the endemic and extremely rare animals, the Anoa (small forest deer) and the babirusa 'pig-deer' you will visit the Saluopa waterfall and walk around hunting for orchids in the forests surrounding the lake .. and with a little luck the possibility of seeing two of the endemic and extremely rare animals, the Anoa (small deer forest) and the babirusa 'pig-deer'. then departure to Ampana, night at the Marina cottage hotel. Return to the hotel, possibility of swimming in the hot waters of the lake (but beware the local legend mentions the presence of a Loch Ness type monster…)

Day 11: Tentena – Ampana

After breakfast, free morning then transfer to Ampana (approx. 5h drive), on the way lunch at the edge of Lake Poso Night by the sea facing the immense Gulf of Tomini and the Moluccan Sea … hotel.

Day 12: Ampana – Togian Islands

In the morning public boat for the Togian Islands, arrival on these dusty islets at the end of the world. Hotel night.

Day 13 & 14: Togian Islands

Togian is an archipelago of 56 islands and islets, 30 km south of the Equator, located in Tomini Bay. Emerging from volcanic activity, the islands are covered in tropical forest and bounded by coral reefs. The average water temperature is 31 degrees Celsius and (most often) underwater visibility reaches 40 to 50 meters. Both the marine and terrestrial ecosystems are in a pristine and wild state, which is extremely rare or endangered. The coasts and the coral reefs form an excellent habitat for many wild animals specific to the Togians, such as turtles, dugongs, macaques, parrots, babirussa wild boars, etc. At the heart of this paradise, live 37 villages in joy and from different ethnic cultures, such as the Bobongko, the Togian, the Saluan and the Sea Nomads the Bajau. These two days will be devoted to exploring this little paradise, Unauna and its active volcano Colo, Malengue and its fauna, Bajau villages these nomads of the seas and well exploration of the seabed of great beauty … Night in bungalows

Day 15: Togian – Ampana – Pagimana – Gorontalo

Return by public boat to Ampana, then by car to Pagimana before taking the night ferry to Gorontalo (the crossing of the gulf can also be done from the Togians to Gorontalo directly depending on the schedules of the various sometimes whimsical boats…), night in on board or in Gorontalo depending on the crossing times…

Day 16: Gorontalo – Manado

Flight to Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi, then transfer to Tomohon, a small mountain town located in the heart of the subduction volcanism of the Arc des Sangihe, installation in a magnificent lodge nestled in the middle of an extraordinary garden facing 3 active volcanoes , Soputan, Lokon and Mahawu… Night in lodge.

Day 17: Tomohon-Lokon-Mahawu

Easy ascent of the Mahawu volcano and discovery of its acid lake (superb view of the Lokon volcano, the Minahasa region and the tip of the island of Sulawesi. Descent and magnificent road to the Tandano caldera lake. Visit of a "ikan mas" fish farming and lunch in a traditional restaurant by the lake, return to Tomohon and ascent of the active Lokon volcano (1h 30 approx), depending on the activity, possibility of descending to the bottom of the crater.

Day 18: Tomohon – Tangkoko – Manado

Departure to visit a Minahasa chalet construction site, then stop en route to discover the Warugas animist tombs. Arrival in the Tangkoko National Park and trekking in search of wildlife, black macaques, hornbills and the big star of the Park, the fragile Tarsius (the smallest mammal on the planet) arrived at night at the hotel in manado.. hotel.

Day 19 & 20: BUNAKEN

Snorkeling or diving day on the Bunaken Islands, Siladen, etc. night in bungalows (bastianos dive or FROGGIES). The same hotel, so it's the hotel that will fix it.

Day 21: Manado – airport

Transfer to airport for international flight to Singapore.